Having A New Fire Sprinkler System Installed? Here's What To Expect Throughout The Process

Posted on: 3 December 2018

Now that your new fire sprinkler system is ready to be installed, you should know what to expect throughout the process. Here is a general idea of what you should expect to happen after scheduling an installation appointment with your service provider.

The Initial Consultation

Before your fire sprinkler system is installed, your service provider will likely want to consult with you in person for a number of reasons. First, they'll go through the blue prints with you to ensure that everything such as the sprinkler heads and pressure gauges will be installed where you want it to be. They'll also verify the materials that will be used and work with you to create a schedule of tasks that need to be completed in the days leading up to installation. Additionally, you'll have an opportunity to have your questions and concerns asked before any work actually begins.

Material Delivery

After the initial consultation, all of the materials that will be used to install your new fire sprinkler system will be delivered to your home, so it's ready for installation day. If there isn't already a safe place to store the materials on your property, your service provider will probably deliver a portable storage unit to the property so all of the materials can be safely stored there until it's time to use them. And if you prefer that the materials not be stored on your property, your service provider should be able to find another way to prepare and store the materials for you.

Installation Day

On installation day, you can expect a team of experienced professionals to show up and get your new fire sprinkling set up and working for you. The installation process may take several hours, so be prepared to spend time in an area of your home where people won't be working at the time. You may have to move around the home while your service providers move, or you might want to spend the entire time outside, in the den, in the garage, or away from home altogether. After installation is complete, you can expect your home to be left in the same condition it was before installation was started.

Final Testing

Before your fire sprinkler is turned on for the first time, your service provider will want to do some final testing to ensure that everything will work properly and safely in the coming years. They'll complete hydrostatic testing and make sure that every sprinkler head works properly. They will also check the control system and make sure that it's properly hooked up to emergency service lines. Your service provider may want to do the final testing phase on installation day before leaving, or they may schedule a test day for some time in the near future if you don't need to hook the system up right away.

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