• What Can You Model with Mesh Free Particle Based CFD Simulation Software?

    Many computer modeling systems rely on mesh-based techniques to simulate how real-world items work. While this is often computationally cheaper than using other approaches, it sacrifices accuracy by limiting similarity to the way matter works in real life. Computational fluid dynamics, often called CFD, proposes a different approach to modeling the performance of many objects, including solid materials. If you're interested in using mesh-free particle-based CFD simulation software to evaluate how a system or material might perform, you should understand what you can model with it.
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  • Using The Hybrid Cloud As A Disaster Recovery Solution

    When it comes to deploying disaster recovery solutions in a tech environment, having on- and off-premises data backups is important. Hybrid cloud solutions often represent the best options for addressing potential catastrophic scenarios. Let's explore why that is and how recovery scenarios might play out in this model. Diversification of Storage Storing your data in more places and on more types of media is a good way to mitigate catastrophic risks.
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