Why Do You Need CMMS Maintenance Software?

Posted on: 21 June 2017

As a property manager, you will be called on to keep track of multiple properties at a time for the property owners. Maintenance plays a large part in managing properties, and it can be a challenge to handle maintenance requests, equipment maintenance records and other issues without the right system. Luckily, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software can make your work much easier. If you're not using any software at all to handle maintenance, you might wonder why you need this kind of software. Here are a few solid reasons.

1. Equipment Performance Tracking

If you have lawnmowers, dump trucks and other equipment that you use on the properties you manage, it's important that you have some idea of when you'll need to purchase new ones or have existing ones repaired. With CMMS software, you can not only track when each piece of equipment is repaired, but you can also get notifications about when you might want inspections to be done. Depending on the software you get, you can go a step further; you may even be prompted to perform inspections and maintenance on your equipment by entering odometer information or other information.

2. Streamlined Work Requests

If a tenant at any one of the properties has a broken shower or another request for repairs, it's smart to be able to track these requests in one place. That way, anyone with access to the system can not only see that the work is being done but can talk with the tenant to give them confidence about what is being done and when. Once the repairs are done, you will be able to keep them in history so that if there's a problem, you can pull up the information that shows when repairs were last made and what kind of work was performed. This information can make it more obvious when an appliance or item needs to be replaced; if there's a long service log, it could be time to upgrade.

3. Simpler Supply Orders

If you need to order garbage bags, rakes or other supplies for your different properties, it can be confusing to order them individually based on each property, even when a few different properties are owned by one owner. With CMMS software, you can create one monthly order that includes the supplies needed for all of one owner's properties. This makes reporting easier to understand for the owners, and you won't have to constantly order supplies throughout the month.

These reasons are just some of the many that might convince you to try out some CMMS maintenance software. Talk with vendors and creators of different programs to see which might function best in your work.


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