What To Include In A Security System

Posted on: 4 October 2017

There are many reasons to get a security system, but most homeowners just simply want piece of mind when they leave their loved ones home or when they are on vacation. It is amazing what advancements have been made with regards to home security systems. The systems of the past were sufficient for the time, but the modern security systems make the home a much safer and more secure place. With all the advancements it can be hard to know what to look for in a security system. Here are a few things that you should seriously consider getting in your security system. 

Advanced Control Panel

Perhaps the most important part of the security system is the control panel. The control panel is technically the brains of the entire system. If you get an updated modern control panel you can expect it to be completely wireless. it will allow you to be wireless in two different ways. The first is that all the other parts of the system will connect to the control panel wirelessly. You will also not need to go through a home telephone line, but will connect to the monitoring station through a cellular chip. The last thing that you should look for in a good control panel is a voice connection to the monitoring station. If there is ever an emergency the monitoring station can come right over the control panel and verify the emergency.

Home Automation

For those that like to have complete control over their entire house you may want to consider home automation. This takes a security system and makes it much more customizable. In a home automation system you can include video cameras, controlled automatic deadbolts, appliance modules, and you can control all of these from your cell phone. Not only will you have the security of an alarm system, you can control the entire system with your phone.

Fire Protection

If you want maximum piece of mind you should also consider investing in a fire system to incorporate with your security system. Unlike a burglar that might just be after your money, a fire will destroy everything. A fire system connects into your system and will contact the local authorities if there is an emergency. This is very important because a fire can consume an entire room in a matter of minutes. So, the quicker the response tie to the authorities the better.  

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