Why Get Piezo Scanners?

Posted on: 14 November 2017

If probing microscopes are often used in your laboratory, those machines are likely to include piezo-electric tube scanners, sometimes simply called piezo scanners. Whenever you need new probing microscopes, you may consider models without these scanners, but that would be a mistake; piezo scanners often provide the many benefits below:

3D Vision

The primary reason that piezo scanners are excellent for viewing particles is that of the way the piezo tube cylinder behaves inside the microscope. The piezo tube is configured to permit a trio of axes to be seen instead of the regular two-dimensional viewing capability that other scanners have. This is of interest to any scientist who wants full, multi-layered images. Viewing the Z axis in addition to the traditional X/Y axes enables a user to hypothesize more accurately and see exactly what they are working on without having questions about unseen dimensions.

Anaerobic Functionality

Scientists aren't always working in oxygen environments. In fact, there is a lot of work happening with anaerobic particles in environments where oxygen only disrupts research and must be corrected for. To avoid the hassle which can sometimes occur with anaerobic particles, piezo scanners are helpful. That's because the scanners are equipped with flexures that eliminate the need for any air bearings. Movement can happen with the assistance of the included flexures, permitting a user to move to different positions without trouble.


Following moving, particles can be tough when your microscope isn't moving as quickly as the particle, or you can't rapidly focus on when the particle is at a certain point. Piezo tube scanners permit quick movement and better focus, but more than that they can be tested easily for accuracy because of the piezo tube inside the machine. How?

The metal cylinder that encases the piezo tube is separated into four quadrants. Each quadrant can be independently stimulated with an AC current, and the other three sections, powered by the piezo tube, should then generate a current. If not, you know that the scanner is not living up to its potential and some repair work could help.

Piezo scanners offer functionality and accuracy which surpasses many of the many other scanners available to scientists and laboratories. Make an effort to research them for yourselves; you may be sufficiently impressed. Consult scientists in your own workplace, as well as companies like nPoint, and discuss piezo tubes with microscope vendors who can point you towards scanners that are aligned with your specific needs.


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