Bundling Or Separating Phone Services From Other Services: Pros, Cons, And Advice

Posted on: 27 April 2018

Bundling telephone services, regardless of whether you use cellular or landline phone service, is a common thing. The bundling idea makes billing more convenient for both customers and for service providers. However, there are some drawbacks to bundling your phone, cellphone, internet, and/or TV service. So, should you or should you not bundle? After you read the following, you can decide.

Bundling Services Is Cheaper

There is no doubt that bundling your preferred phone services with other services is cheaper. In fact, service providers will even undercut their competitors by giving you bundled services at a cost which is nearly akin to paying you just for choosing them as your service provider! Even if you only bundle two services instead of three or four, it beats what it would cost to keep your phone service separate.

Bundling Prices Are Usually Promotional Only

Read the fine print on the bundled services deal. The offered deal usually only stands for six months to a year, and then the cost goes up. Still, if you are paying a ton of money every month to have your phone, internet, and TV service billed separately, and you could use a break with your bills and finances, bundling these services at a promotional rate for just six months alone could be what you really need.

If You Bundle Your Landline and Your Cellphone Together, You Might Have a Problem

It happens to everyone. Eventually you miss a payment or you cannot pay your telecommunications bill on time. You get disconnected because you know you cannot pay it and you cannot in good faith make a payment arrangement. If BOTH your landline and your cellphone are bundled in the same bill, guess what happens? You lose all access to making phone calls. Short of being able to place a 911 emergency call, you will not be able to use either type of phone to call anyone.

In this case, your best bet is to keep one phone service out of the bundle of services and keep that bill paid up. You can choose to keep either the cellphone or the landline out of the bundle. Then you are free to place calls to the service provider or anyone else that you need to call while your bundled services are disconnected. (Most people opt to keep their cellphone bills un-bundled, as they take their cellphones everywhere.)

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