Pipe Inspection Cameras: Top 4 Features You Need

Posted on: 29 March 2019

The invention of the pipe inspection camera has eliminated thousands of sweaty, backbreaking hours from routine plumbing jobs. These tools have made it easier for plumbers to do their work without having to dig for hours with heavy machinery down to a spot in a pipe that might not even be the right one. Every plumber should invest in a pipe inspection camera. They're worth every penny. However, there are some features you're going to need. 

High Resolution Imaging

The whole point of having a pipe camera is so that you can find a problem area and fix it. If the camera you choose has low definition imaging, how are you going to clearly see the problem? Get the highest definition camera that you can afford. Furthermore, there are additional high-def camera features you might want to consider. For example, in addition to showing live video feed, some models have the ability to capture still images, zoom, or record the video feed. These might be useful features for your business, especially if you want to be able to show your customers any problems the camera has found after the fact.

Radio Transmitter

One of the most handy features you can have on your pipe camera is a radio transmitter. A radio transmitter will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the problem in the pipe once your camera locates it. Radio transmitter tracking can eliminate a lot of the guesswork from your repairs. But pay close attention to the features when purchasing. Some models have a radio transmitter on the camera but charge additional fees for the above ground locater that has to be paired with the radio transmitter in order for it to work.

Multi-Monitor Capability

Another feature that will make your camera more versatile and adaptable is multi-monitor capability. This means that you can remove the camera from its monitor hub and pair it with other monitor hubs. This will allow you to vary the display size and resolution of the video or images your camera has captured. With models that don't have this feature, you are restricted to using only the monitor on the monitor hub it came with.


Your next consideration when choosing the features of your pipe inspection camera should be portability. If you can't easily pick the camera up and take it to the job site, it's not of much use. Make sure the camera you buy comes with a light but sturdy case that can take a beating. Be aware that some manufacturers charge extra for the case. Also, your camera needs to be battery operated, preferably with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.


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