What To Expect When Leasing A Copier For Your Office

Posted on: 10 March 2021

If you are thinking about leasing a copier for your office, you probably want to be pretty well-informed when you do so. If it's your first time leasing office equipment like this, then the advice below can help you with being well-prepared.

You Probably Won't Have to Shell Out as Much Upfront

For many offices, the number one reason to look into leasing a copier instead of buying one is that there isn't as much of an upfront expense. Since you won't be purchasing a copier, you will simply need to put down a deposit and pay for a set leasing period. You may be able to get your lease set up so that you make monthly payments, for example, which can be a good way to keep monthly costs low. Of course, some copier leasing companies do require you to pay more upfront than others, so if you'd like to keep your upfront costs as low as you can, you might need to call a few companies to inquire about this.

You May Have to Sign a Contract

Although leasing a copier does not come with the same amount of responsibility as buying one, there are still some responsibilities that go along with copier leasing. One big responsibility is the fact that you will probably be required to sign a contract for a certain period of time, which might range from one year to three years. During that time, you will be required to make payments on the copier, and you may be required to abide by other requirements in the contract. If you choose to break the contract, you might have to pay a fee for breaking it. Consider having the contract looked over by your business lawyer before signing it, or at least make sure that you read it over carefully.

You Can Typically Choose Between Different Copiers

When you contact a copier leasing service, you should provide a little more information about your office and what you will be using the copier for. Then, they can help with suggesting the right copier for you to lease. If you run a small office, for example, a small multi-function copier that can be used for faxing and other purposes might prove to be pretty helpful, for example. If you run a bigger office and are going to be using the copier a lot, on the other hand, you might want to choose a bigger copier that works more quickly and that can take on the big tasks that you might have in mind.

To learn more, contact a copy machine leasing service today.


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